We can go through life making decisions about ourselves, the world and others which at times seem to limit our opportunities.
Psychotherapy and Counselling can help you to understand the reasons for making those decisions ... and help you to identify the changes necessary for you to live the life that you now want.
If you feel you are affected by: 
anxiety,  phobias,anger
addiction to food, drugs, alcohol or gambling,
eating disorders, loss or grief,
affected by HIV or Hep C
post natal depression
low self esteem or self worth
problems making decisions
trauma, abuse or
relationship problems...

and you wish to talk  to someone in confidence... then you can contact a therapist by telephoning texting or emailing Amanda on 
Mob: 07984304405
Email: amandaonwuemene1@gmail.com

Offices at:
45a Rodney Street. Liverpool. L1 9EW
583 Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester. M21 8AE

Fee:£55 per session

Please indicate where you want to attend for appointments.