Understanding Yourself Using Transactional Analysis. (TA)

A 2 day introductory course to TA as a medium for understanding our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Transactional Analysis takes the patterns of our inner world functioning and looks at the way we use these patterns in relationships with one another.
It is a powerfully educative psychotherapy that centres on the notion that our personality is made up of three elements or ego states 1. Parent -here your feelings, attitudes and behaviour patterns resemble those of a parental figure.
2. Adult - here the feelings, attitudes and behaviour patterns are genuinely your own and compliment the reality of your environment and your relationships in the present.
3.Child - here the feelings, attitudes and behaviour patterns are action replays of our early life.
Generally the parental and child behaviour patterns are automatic and will feel, to the person performing them, appropriate to the present day situation in spite of the fact that they are archaic ways of dealing with the here and now.
One of the most powerful aspects of TA is that it provides us with a way of understanding why we do, feel and believe things about ourselves that are false or outdated eg I am stupid or unlovable or there is something wrong with me, and why we hold these convictions with a certainty that our perception of ourselves is true.
At the centre of TA's explanation for human troubles is the notion of scripting. Scripting occurs when the child, usually in response to a shortcoming experienced in their upbringing, conclude or decide that they must represses their ability for awareness, spontaneity or intimacy in relationships. These conclusions or decisions  have been made by the child in their own best interest in order to survive or to reduce anxiety and will affect the grown up person in their everyday life.
These decisions result in us avoiding our true needs or feelings, or not objecting when we are hurt in relationships and they have been made with the inadequate information and experience of the child.

The two day course looks at aspects of our own personality and how that has developed and also the different ways that we can maintain relationship with others.

Course title:
Understanding yourself Using Transactional Analysis
Duration: One weekend
Cost: £170

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